Clare Fallon Soaps
These soaps are an absolute godsend!   For 25 years I have used Bath and Body soaps for my hand washing.  I bought 2 bars and started using them immediately.  I never thought my hands would get softer but they did!!  Smooth as baby's skin.  I gave my sister a bar when I visited her.  Kathy takes care of her two physically challenged sons and hand washing is a constant thing.  Her skin was so dried and cracked it split every time she put pressure on them when moving her sons.  She has used Clare Fallon Soaps for three days and from day one her skin stopped cracking and the visible evidence is amazing.  I am a true believer of the wonders of this soap.  I recommend it highly. 

-Christina S.

Wow!!!  I bought the soap (as you suggested) to shave with.  I shaved my legs once and fell in love!  In one use it replaced my shaving cream, my regular soap, and the oil blend I would normally apply afterwards!!!  Wow!!!

-Karen W.

I waited a week before leaving my review so I could use the soaps I received - Patchouli and the Cedarwood Amber and Lavender Flowers.  I wash my hands constantly, because I work in an office environment and I cannot afford to get sick because I am also a caregiver to my two elder and in poor health parents.  Soaps dry out my sensitive skin, but the soaps I received from Clare Fallon Soaps did NOT dry out my skin.  It's amazing!!!  I am so hooked :)  You have a gift, dear!!!  The scent was not overwhelming, but was very, very enjoyable.  Seriously, if you are considering buying some or may be hesitant...don't be.  Buy some now and buy often - you won't regret it!  Thank you :) :)

-Cynthia D.

Your soap is amazing!  I have tried so many handmade soaps, yours by far is the BEST yet!  My skin feels so moisturized, refreshed and is left smelling as perfect as the bar!  Really, you have perfected soap making!  LOVE it!

-Jodi K.

I received my soap today in the mail, Ocean Scent and Raspberry.  I know I let you pick the soaps for me and I don't think you could of done a better job...they smell wonderful.  The Raspberry smells good enough to eat.  The Ocean Scent smells just like a day at the beach.  Just

-Kerry F.

These soaps are amazing!  I highly recommend them!  I used Dewberry for the first time today and I am HIGHLY satisfied!  The scent was perfect...not too strong...perfect!  Usually after using bar soap, I have to use lotion to repair my dried out skin.  Not with these!  Thank you so much for such a great product!  I LOVE them!

-Jessica G.

Got my two soaps in the mail about a week ago and got to use one tonight for the first time!  I got one in Honeysuckle and Monkey Farts and LOVE them both!  I LOVE the fruity smell from the Monkey Farts and the Honeysuckle leaves a slight smell on your skin after you wash it off, so no need for perfume!!!  Thank you so much for these!!! :D

-Jerica M.

Love, love, love these soaps!  They smell wonderful and the light scent stays with you all day.  I even use them on my face and they do not dry out my skin.  Great soaps!

-Julie L.

Got my 2 soaps in the mail yesterday, used them today!  I absolutely love them!  They smell amazing!!!  Those soaps + a nice hot bath + silence = HEAVEN!!

-Kimberlee R.

All I was missing was a glass of wine!  Can't wait to finish my first bar to try out the other scent!

-Christina H.

LOVE LOVE LOVE this soap! It’s soft and creamy and leaves my skin feeling refreshed and not tight and dry and the smell is amazing. Keep making more of this soap.
-Sarah A.

Another great smelling soap. My daughter and I have already argued over who gets to keep this bar of soap in their bathroom :) Thanks again!!

-Marilyn R.

I would recommend these soaps to everyone.  They are gentle enough for sensitive skin and yet they smell delicious.  They lather very well for a handmade soap.  Clare Fallon Soaps has made a variety of scents to choose from, so there is something for everyone.  I will DEFINITELY be ordering again.  Her customer service
is beyond superb!!

-Krystal S.

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